Millar Enviro Serices,We manage your trees so you don't have the risk

pile of wood logs beside trees
pile of wood logs beside trees

Tree felling services that fit your lifestyle

We know that all trees are different. That’s why we tailor our services to your needs and around your lifestyle, not the other way round. Trees are an essential part of the ecosystem and we aim to balance nature and a safe healthy living space for you and your family

brown trees on forest during daytime
brown trees on forest during daytime

Why us?

Fully insured

We are insured as soon as we step onto your property for R1m.

Our reputation

A good name is better than silver or gold, we work to ensure that its easy to do business with us, we aim to resolve issues amicably. 


We are registered with workman's compensation, all staff are paid according to SD9 with UIF and and PAYE.

Human touch

Life happens, and that’s okay. Our customers are in the heart of what we do, and we improve our services constantly based on our clients’ needs.

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